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The upsides of interoperability with none of the downsides (namely, lots of messy technical work)
Data connectivity is table-stakes.

With the passage of the CURES Act and the growing presence of national data networks, healthcare organizations are coming to expect access to outside patient data in their EMR and healthcare workflow solutions.

Even so, building out these individual network connections and then making this data usable is no walk in the park – by our calculations, it would take a 3-person development team twelve full months to build themselves. 

Instantly connect to the entire ecosystem.

The Zus Aggregated Profile is your one-stop shop for curated, relevant patient data integrated directly into your existing platform. Our highly customizable React components, paired with our thought partnership and collaboration, ensure that this newly embedded data looks and feels like the rest of your offering, all while elevating your solution with crucial patient medical information.

Partner with Zus to deliver immediate value to your customers.

Your customers will love Zus’s data because it enables them to deliver more informed, holistic patient care, and they will love you for making it so easy for them to access it. Even better, we make it simple for you to meet reciprocity requirements by sharing required data back to the national networks on your behalf. 

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Infusing data into best-in-class primary care innovation tools
Adding data to the innovative tech stacks at the bleeding edge of healthcare
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Support your providers in creating better health outcomes with more informed care delivery

Enable customers to save 20+ minutes in administrative time per new patient

Facilitate better performance on risk contracts and quality metrics with real-time care alerts

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Capture additional revenue for every customer on Zus

Reallocate $500K+ in developer resourcing to your core value proposition

Accelerate sales cycles with a strong competitive advantage 

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We are never going to do Data-as-a-Service - we would rather facilitate the marketplace of best-in-class solutions. By integrating with Zus, we both become more powerful.

CEO, digital health EMR
CEO, digital health EMR
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