Our Approach

Catalyzing healthcare’s greatest inventors

Our shared platform, the Zus Grid, is designed to help healthcare visionaries cut out redundancy and unlock efficiency.
Overlay of man with son as patient, smiling doctor as Providers, and skeleton images as the Zus Grid
What is the Zus Grid?
Connecting patients, providers, and innovators
Built on an ever-growing network of networks for patient data

The Zus Grid is a thriving ecosystem of patients, data, and healthcare providers. Through our novel, multi-tenant shared platform, the Grid solves the issues of inefficient healthcare processes by combining clinical logic and data engineering to put data in the right place at the right time.

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Why we do it
Data-enriched workflows. Empowering ideas.
Traditional healthcare is full of redundancy, and redundancy clouds vision

The Zus Grid enriches workflows and cuts down on redundant effort by bringing together all of the different data threads for each patient into one centralized profile. Our purpose-built products embed data directly into existing workflows, so that no action is unnecessarily repeated.

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Deep Dive

Experience the Zus Grid in action

The Grid enriches workflows and cuts down on redundant work, empowering inventors to focus 100% on their novel ideas.
The Zus Grid

Today, the healthcare system is siloed and cumbersome for patients and providers.

The Zus Grid

The Zus Grid transforms this chaotic system into simple, data-rich interactions.

Patient profile

For example, when Penny schedules an appointment with a new provider, Zus compiles her information.

Alert to add a new care team member

Penny’s provider can easily curate a care team based on her medical history.

Urgent alert that a patient's insulin refill has not been picked up

Or, when Roger does not refill his insulin on time...

Illustration of patient Roger having an urgent task to follow up on missed insulin refill

his Primary Health care coordinator receives an urgent alert notification.

Alert of a patient's new asthma symptom

Or, when Luisa reports a new asthma symptom to her obstetrician...

Notification of Luisa's primary care provider receiving a message from her OBGYN

Zus makes it easy for Luisa’s OB to reach out to her PCP about what she’s experiencing.

The power of the Grid
The Zus Grid makes all of this possible.
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Elevating patient insights
By joining the Grid, you’ll never miss another patient insight.
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Facilitating real-time care
You can provide the real-time wraparound support needed to drive meaningful change in outcomes.
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Fostering collaboration across the ecosystem
You will be part of an ecosystem purpose-built for collaboration.